Non Laser Tattoo Removal Reviews, Its Cost and Procedure

If you are looking for non laser tattoo removal reviews, how much it costs, how it works and why it is better than any laser removal method, then you are in the right place. Just keep on reading and see for yourself.

My Story

Today I am going to share with you guys my experience on how I got rid of my tattoos. First I want to give you a little backstory before I show you exactly what I’ve been doing to get my tattoo removed. So the first tattoo I got was a spider on my right leg back in 2009. Then when I grew up a little later, it was 2011 I believe, I got it covered up with a peace sign. I wanted to remove that one, especially because when I wear shorts or skirts I feel very self-conscious of my tattoo. I would usually cover it up, but it was a huge pain.


The other one was behind my ear that my friend gave me; it was a music note. I got a music note because I love music and performing and things like that. But I wanted to go into the military; I was in the process of going into the Air Force. But the problem was that you couldn’t have any tattoos showing from your neck up.


I googled and searched for companies that do laser tattoo removal. I started going to one in Pittsburgh, but I stopped doing it after a while because I didn’t have enough money. I couldn’t go there anymore.

Then I met a guy who told me that he managed to get rid of a big tattoo on his back using Laser-less tattoo removal. So I looked it up, read a few non laser tattoo removal reviews and immediately got the guide. I’ve now managed to remove my leg tattoo as well as my music note tattoo completely. Thank you, Dorian Davis, for the amazing guide, you have also saved me some serious money.

Here is what I learned by using Dorian Davis’s Laser-less Tattoo Removal Guide.

You have two options to remove any unwanted tattoo. You can either cover it up with some other tattoo or remove it completely. Read on for the non laser tattoo removal reviews and find out for yourself.


Cover-ups can do a lot more than you think. Covering up a tattooed name is not as difficult as one may think. You might be surprised to see the options available to do so. For example, a tattooed name can be covered up with various complex designs such as hiding them in dragons or snakes, etc. It’s the base design as well as the expertise of an artist which determines the type of a cover up. For instance, mystical figures and vines are suitable options for a pattern written in cursive. Rest assured; there’s always a possibility for a decent cover up. Even an artist with a limited set of skills can come up with multiple ideas only by looking at your tattoo.

If you want it totally gone

Want it completely removed? No problem!

If you want to remove your unwanted tattoo completely instead of just covering it up, you can do so in two different ways. You can either go for a laser removal or non laser tattoo removal (Home Based Method).

As you already know, I support natural, laser-less removal methods above everything else, as Natural Tattoo Removal can be done in a safer and more efficient way. Of course, you’ll have to follow this guide to achieve that!

I favor home based removal methods because they not only remove the tattoo naturally, but they also refresh the skin. Laser damages your skin and takes away most of its layers, but exfoliation methods, on the other hand, add new layers of skin using natural, skin-healthy ingredients.

For example, the aloe vera gel method is a perfect example as it doesn’t just remove the tattoo, it softens the surrounding skin as well! It’s true you have to apply it 3 to 4 times every day, but as opposed to laser-based methods that require at least six months, this method works its magic in just a few weeks. Hence, the extra short-term effort is totally worth it!

Natural VS Laser Tattoo Removal

Non Laser Tattoo Removal (Natural Method)

Now that you know about the natural way to remove tattoos, I can imagine you’re wondering how the tattoos can be removed naturally instead of using laser removal. Here is how this natural removal method works exactly.

Accelerated exfoliation

In case you haven’t known, there is a natural activity that goes on in your skin on its own. This activity is exfoliation. There are layers on the skin and often the most external skin layer is usually dead. It is possible for you to rub a fingernail against your skin and you feel nothing. This is due to the layers of the skin. If you try and scratch your skin with the sharp end of an object like scissors, you will feel it, and it will leave some marks on your skin.

Accelerated exfoliation kills living cells faster and brings them to the surface of the skin. The rate at which the skin exfoliates is slower hence the need for accelerated exfoliation. Calm down, this is not as bad as it may sound; once this exfoliation process is concluded, young skin cells mature more quickly and replace the layer that was peeled off earlier. One very important benefit is that this process brings up the subcutaneous layers that would not normally exfoliate.

So when tattoo artists are embedding tattoo ink, what they target are those subcutaneous layers. This is the reason why tattoos stay for a long time without peeling off, even if the top layers of the skin peel off.

We are almost getting to the purpose of this post. If tattoos are removed naturally, they will be removed through exfoliation which will remove the deeper layers. First, different ingredients will be added to the skin to speed up the exfoliation process. The deeper layers come to the top, and the ink which lies in the deeper layers comes to the outer layers and with a wipe of a towel, the ink wipes off.

This is not a fully-detailed description of the process and in fact, it might take longer, even weeks, but when compared to laser removal which entails the processes of; vaporize, scar, heal, and vaporize again, it is much better to make use of the natural removal process.


Laser Tattoo Removal

When we think about getting our unwanted tattoos removed, the first thing that comes to mind is getting it removed by laser, because laser tattoo removal is the hot thing in media nowadays. While that is an okay option, if it was something that was not so darn expensive and dangerous I probably would have gotten it done myself. Lasers cost around $300 to $500 per session, and you need several of these.

Minimum of six months for laser-based techniques?

Why should it take that long? In themselves, the sessions are very fast; the specialist will laser the parts that are affected for just a couple of minutes per time. Their aim is to gradually vaporize the subdermal ink.

So why exactly should it take that long? Since the procedure is flawed and skin cells that are around the ink are likewise heated and damaged to a certain degree. If the damage is extreme, we call that a scar or a complication. In any case, it happens most times to some degree, and that is the reason you need to hold up for a few weeks before you can proceed with another session.

The minimum time you can hope for before a laser-based treatment gets to a satisfactory level of fading is six months. To what extent would it be able to go? Well, the sky is truly the limit, however as plausible upper limits, I’ll say in about two years. And you can expect that for more complex or bigger tattoos.

Color also determines removal time

Color intensity also has an impact. Red, dark blue and black seem to fade quicker. Green, violet, and other light colors particularly will take more time to fade out, more like two years than six months.

Sensitive areas

If you have a tattoo on any of the parts of your body that are sensitive, then we must admit that you are an extreme trooper for your patience in having it done. Tattoos on sensitive parts will take longer to remove as more time is needed in-between sessions to ensure everything stays safe, or at least as conceivably safe as possible.

The Dangers of Laser Tattoo Removal

What are these risks that I keep talking about? Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Laser removal damages skin cells

Your laser specialist will probably brief you during your consultation about what you can expect, and they’ll let you know that the laser is highly-targeted and that it will only destroy cells that are pigmented with the ink.

While this is true, it’s also true that your other skin cells will be affected. The destruction of one group of cells can cause the others around them to suffer trauma from the intense heat, and they may die an early death.

Skin in the lower levels of your skin below the tattoo is also killed. How badly will this affect the health of your skin and how quickly will your body recover? It’s not totally clear.

Because so many skin cells suffer some trauma, there is a substantial chance that you will suffer scarring. It’s something that you will have to worry about during every session.

In fact, because the laser can be so brutal, your laser specialist will likely need to space out your treatment and perform many sessions over the course of months. Sure, this keeps you from having your skin destroyed all at once, but once your cells recover from one session, they will be blasted during the next, and the next, and the next.

Risk of Various Infections

Think about one of the first things that people are concerned about when they are injured. Yes, that’s right, foreign invaders that want to make their way into your body. Since your skin cells will be damaged from the laser treatment, many times their natural defenses will be down, and this leads to infection. Under normal circumstances, your skin is your first and biggest protection against infections.

Scar formation

Have you ever heard of a keloid scar? If you have the genetics for it, laser tattoo removal can leave an ugly risen pattern on the skin, and this kind of scarring is called a keloid scar. Since it is indeed a scar, this won’t go away.

It Isn’t Always Even

The laser can see some colors better than others, and so if you have a tattoo that incorporates many different colors, it may not work as well, and the results of the removal may be uneven. The laser might have trouble ridding you specifically of red, blue, and black ink.

Should You Take the Risk?

Let’s say that there’s no such thing as natural, less traumatic tattoo removal techniques. Even then, you can always just go to your local tattoo artist for a cover-up. Sure, he’s the one who got you into this mess in the first place, but he’s also probably experienced in transforming tattoos. You may think that your tattoo is impossible to cover up, but it may not be. I’ve seen even some dire cases—like the names of exes in big letters—covered up with tasteful pictures and symbols.

Basically, for these reasons, I wouldn’t get laser tattoo removal even if it was my only option. I’d just get a cover up or live with it.

Now, in reality, these aren’t your only options, though. There are natural methods for removing your tattoos, and you have already learned about the in this non laser tattoo removal reviews. Why spend tons of money and time getting yourself zapped when you can explore some natural remedies and see if they’ll work for you?

Cost of Removing a Tattoo

When we are talking about tattoo removal, there are generally two different methods – Laser and home-based. Let’s see what are the pros and the cons of each one and find which one is better.

Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

Professional tattoo removal methods are performed in different clinics and facilities designed especially for the purpose. These methods are laser-based and use the laser beam to extract the ink of the unwanted tattoo from the skin of the patient. As you might’ve guested this is not a cheap procedure, so let’s see how much it will cost you. Usually, the first time you go to a tattoo removal clinic, your first meeting with the doctor in charge will consist of consultation, followed by a series of sessions.

During the consultation the doctor will examine your tattoo and will determine how much time and how many sessions will be needed for its removal, take notice that in every case it can vary greatly as it depends on scale, depth and the type of your tattoo. Some clinics might perform free consultations, but in most, you will have to pay at least $100 just to tell you what needs to be done.

After this, the sessions can begin. You will have to pay for each session, as the prize can vary but expect something around $300-$500. In best cases, if your tattoo is smaller or simpler to remove, it will take you at least three sessions, but most of the times it needs at least five and for larger and more complex tattoos even more than five. As for the time it can take you up to several years for complete removal if the tattoo is larger.

Cost of Home Based Method

Now let’s see what non laser tattoo removal Methods have to offer. Home tattoo removal is not only affordable but also friendlier for your body as it uses natural products to exfoliate the ink from your body. The process is simple, by applying different natural substances on your skin, they help to extract and bring up the ink from the unwanted tattoo to the upper layers of your skin, where they can be expelled by your body through natural processes.

As an example you can use aloe or lemon juice and apply them on your skin, there is a great variety of guides of how to prepare and do the treatment sessions. If you think about it, this won’t cost you more than $10. Furthermore, you can get all the products needed from the local store. Sure, you will need to put a lot more effort into it than lying on your back in the clinic, but if you think how much money and irritation for your skin you are going save, it is worth.

Why do you need to pay thousands of dollars and pay constant visits to the clinic when you can do this for several dollars per treatment at home? Furthermore, you don’t save any time, as the removal process often lasts the same.

Which Tattoo Colors Can Be Removed?

Here’s where it gets difficult. Some tattoo-removal methods work for certain ink pigments and not others. For example, black and red pigments respond well to laser removal. But the lasers have a hard time targeting other colors, especially the lighter hues.

But there are other options for these instances. One is the apricot scrub method. It doesn’t matter if you are sporting a hot pink set of lips on your hip or a lime green and lemon yellow football helmet on your shoulder, the exfoliation process will continue to wear off dead layers of skin, regardless of the pigment, until the tattoo is gone.

The modification is another option. Maybe those lips can be turned into the petals of a flower, or the hair of a woodland fairy. Perhaps the football helmet could be converted into a tropical drink. Here’s the thing: black tattoos are much easier to modify or mask than colorful ones.

Neutral colored Comedy and Drama mask tattoos have been turned into Katherine Wheels, leaving no evidence of the original design, for example.

It’s probably best to think through your decision to get a tattoo, as well as its color and design. However, if you have a change of heart, there are options for modifying, masking, or removing your tattoo all together.

Final Verdict

If you have a tattoo and want to get it removed, especially if you have been thinking about it for a while, then the Laser-less Tattoo Removal Guide is the right fit for you. Not only is it much cheaper but it is the best way to get rid of that unwanted ink in the comfort of your home.

Even more promising is that it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. If you don’t like it or for some reason don’t find it useful, you can return it and get your money back. I am sure that you will like it so much that you won’t need to send it back! I wish you great success on the road to all natural tattoo removal!

Non Laser Tattoo Removal Reviews, Its Cost and Procedure
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